7 Non-Obvious Women Perfumes to Wear This Fall (You’re Probably Didn’t Know About)

If you’re someone who really doesn’t care about public opinion, you may know a lot of perfumes that can’t be named as crowd pleasers. But if you are tired of typical office and gym fragrances (and still don’t try anything interesting), in this article you can find something you’ll fall in love this autumn. We asked Anastasia Blauch, editor of, about the non-obvious women perfumes to try this fall. 

1. Glowing Embers and Wood: Maison Martin Margiela – By The Fireplace


If you’re ever wondered what it smells like in the Swiss chalet somewhere in the Alps, then you should try By The Fireplace by Maison Martin Margiela. This is one of the most authentic smells of the wood in the fireplace, covered by glowing embers.

The main accords are woody, vanilla, balsamic and warm spicy, and the most conspicuous notes are chestnut, vanilla, guaiac wood, Peru balsam and Cloves. This is long lasting perfume with a moderate sillage, which perfectly fits both for men and women.   

2. Warm Honey, Tobacco and Cherry: By Kilian – Back to Black (Aphrodisiac) 


By Kilian Back to Black (Aphrodisiac) was launched in 2009, and now it’s been about 12 years this perfume blows the minds around. This is one of the sexiest, seductive, warm and cozy perfumes at the same time.

Pure unisex, with an internal longevity and strong sillage. The most noticeable notes are honey, tobacco, cherry, vanilla, raspberry, almond and amber.  

3. Balsamic Forest with Smoky Incense: Bois 1920 – Vento nel Vento


This balsamic, amber, woody and warm spicy fragrance was launched in 2013, and again – it’s all about a fall. The most noticeable notes are olibanum, elemi, benzoin, oud, labdanum and ambergris. However, we can’t say that Vento nel Vento is a perfume sledgehammer. Yes, it has a decent longevity, strong sillage, but all the mentioned notes are beautiful and doesn’t annoying at all.  

4. Pumpkin Time: Etat Libre d’Orange – Tilda Swinton Like This


With this perfume, Etat Libre d’Orange (aka ELDO) pays homage to surreally beautiful actress Tilda Swinton. This fragrance is all about pumpkin scent, wrapped in the notes of immortelle, ginger and tangerine. 

Many users said that perfume smells like fall in a bottle, relatable, kind, and something that connects mankind.

5. Party in a Winery: Nasomatto Baraonda


Safe-ish, sexy and luxurious for what it is, this is a great fragrance for a date or any time informal which you want to appeal. If you are unsure what to wear for those events then you should buy this one you’ll love it.

Baraonda is one of the most realistic whiskey scents, wrapped in the woody notes and ambrette. There’s nothing dirty in it: Baraonda is something about a posh restaurant with a jazz piano in the background. 

6. Holidays Are Coming Up: Serge Lutens – Baptême du Feu 


Baptême du Feu (baptism by fire, verbatim) is one of the legendary unisex perfumes by Serge Lutens, launched in 2016. Some people said it’s a perfect Christmas perfume, some said it’s perfect for late October and November. But frankly, there’s no difference when you’ll decide to wear it.

This perfume is long lasting (up to 7-12 h), with a strong sillage of tangerine, gingerbread, woody and powdery notes.    

7. Mediterranean Autumn: Xerjoff – Italica (2021)


Perfect composition by the Xefjoff – Italian luxury brand. Original Italica was launched in 2016, but today you’re hardly find this perfume. Instead, you can try Italica 2021 – this is the same lactonic, almond, sweet, vanilla and warm spicy scent as it was in 2016. 

The most conspicuous notes are toffee, almond, milk, vanilla and saffron. Enormous sillage and eternal longevity.