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What is The Best Coffee Perfume? List of My 8 Favirite Coffee Fragrances

About a few days ago I was wondering about how small my personal collection is! And here we don’t talking about the total number of perfumes (because there are dozens of them), but we are talking about the collections of notes. I have vanilla perfumes, incense, woody, gourmanic, lavender, cinnamon perfumes… And all among them I found one of mine favorite cofee perfume – By Killian Intoxicated (it’s all about coffee + cardamom). So I asked myself: would it be interesting for my blog readers to know more about coffee scented perfumes?

As you may guess, I decided to create an article about the coffee perfumes only. And here I’ll tell you about my favorite male and female perfumes, and every of them I can call the best coffee perfume (based on my personal experience).

By Killian Intoxicated (unisex)

One of the best coffee scented fragrance I’ve ever used (and still in my collection). And this is not just about coffee – this is somenthing about cardamom’ish coffee with spices. Unisex as is, but as fas as we’re talking about niche fragrance, you won’t find anything 100% “girly” or “manly” there.

This aromatic spicy fragrance is perfect for fall/winter season, both for day and night. Slightly spicy, slightly boozy, coffee, cardamom, cinnamon fragrance. Truly is intoxicating. Reminds me of fresh Turkish coffee with a salted caramel sweet on the side. There is something addicting about this fragrance that people love. Of course, the back side of this fragrance art is a price. But… You know, with this fragrance you’re really smells like you have millions on your bank account, and mansion somewhere in mountains 🙂

Kerosene Follow (unisex)

Coffee, amber, vanilla, and maple sap. Long-lasting coffee perfume with strong sillage. Well-roasted coffee beans, covered in honey and caramel. Bitter and burned. If you want the most realistic prominent coffee fragrance – this is it. I get super good performance also, around 8+ hrs longevity with a few hours of moderate projection.

Let me say it again: Kerosene Follow – is one of the MOST realistic coffee scent i have ever try, and I dont think there can be any more realistic coffee fragrance that can trump this one. It smells exactly like you are in a cafe, standing behind the bar waiting for your morning coffee. As any other coffee perfumes, perfectly fits for cold weather, day and night usage.

Rochas Man Rochas (male)

Another one perfect retro-fragrance (what? 1999 was 23 years ago?!), that still rocks. What’s interesting, this perfume is not about coffee, but… cappuccino. Think a milky marriage of coffee-lavender. The cuddliest, coziest scent. Fantastic for close encounters and rainy days in.

Opening notes are more of vanilla, coffee, fruits notes and amber while brings out a pleasant sweet, gourmand like scent that is balsamic and well balanced. Most prominent note is coffee one making this deep and mysterious. Amber and vanilla are close in it making is delicate, inviting, sweet and warm at same time.

Great value, moderate sillage and longevity. As said manufacturer, this is a male coffee perfume. However, many buyers (so am I) rate it as a totally unisex fragrance.

Noa de Cacharel (female)

If you love coffee and are a lover of fragrances, Noa de Cacharel is a great choice. This perfume carries a floral and woody scent and is a pleasant, affordable alternative to more expensive coffee fragrances. The aroma is similar to that of espresso, with a light musk. The perfume is made with 100% plastic, which is another reason why it’s so inexpensive.

Noa by Cacharel is classified as a Floral Woody Musk fragrance. The perfume features hot notes of flowers, fruits, and nuts, like apricot, peach, and coriander. The fragrance has deep notes of wood and spice, with hints of musk, cedar, and sandalwood. The packaging is also elegant, featuring a luminous pearl. It is a perfect gift for any coffee lover!

The musky part is still very present but a bit tamed, so that the flowers really come out and the coffee that I didn’t smell before, now it’s there. I’m not a fan of coffee scents, but Noa is such a complex fragrance and this greenish coffee is not disturbing.

Montale Intense Cafe (unisex)

If you love the smell of coffee, then you’ll love Montale’s Intense Cafe coffee perfume. This sweet-gourmand has a creamy vanilla base and starts out with cocoa and coffee powder dustings. It soon transitions into a cloying rose and finishes with just the barest hint of coffee. This scent is one of Montale’s most acclaimed coffee fragrances, and it’s still available. It’s unlike any other coffee scent, and it lasts for days on end. Intense Cafe is one of the sweetest Montale fragrances to date, and it projects heavily.

The fragrance begins with a perfect waft of freshly brewed coffee. The saffronish rose gives it a woody aura and the coffee lends a nutty spark. The vanilla and musk are rounded and musky. The coffee lends a nutty, rich feel that balances the musky scent. It’s a wonderful combination. Whether it’s coffee or tea, you’ll be sure to feel the nutty spark of fresh brewed coffee.

Bond No.9 New Haarlem (unisex)

The name “Bond No.9” evokes the rich aroma of a double shot of espresso. The scent is cooled down by lavender and green notes. Coffee and cedar are the main ingredients, but you’ll also find lavender and bergamot to cut the heaviness and lend a touch of freshness to the composition. Other notable notes include bergamot, vanilla, and patchouli.

The fragrances were inspired by fragrances from the past decade. This “New Haarlem” is a combination of bergamot, cedarwood, coffee, lavender, and patchouli. It is a modern, masculine scent with a touch of feminine charm. The scent lasts about three hours, and is a great choice for working people and busy people alike.

Comptoir Sud Pacifique Vanille Cafe (unisex)

Vanille Cafe is a new coffee perfume released by Comptoir Sud Pacifique. The fragrance features coffee and woody, amber notes. Vanille Cafe is a unisex fragrance created by fragrance creator Vanina Muracciole. This fragrance contains coffee, white musk, green almond, cedar, and benzoin. Fragrantica members can leave their own reviews of the fragrance.

Maison Margiela’s Coffee Break (unisex)

Inspired by the warm comfort of a cup of coffee, Replica Coffee Break is a unisex fragrance from the French perfume house Maison Margiela. Its blend of earthy patchouli, pepper essence, cypriol, benzoin, and orange flower petals is sure to please both men and women. The aroma lingers, with hints of coffee bean, tonka bean, and benzoin.

This unisex fragrance from Maison Margiela captures the warm aromas of a busy café. While shopping in the cold winter months, many shoppers find refuge in a cozy café. This perfume is made to evoke the scrumptious smell of latte, lavender, and milk mousse and rests on a warm sandalwood base. While the fragrance is a little intense, it lingers well on the skin.