how many colognes should a man have

How Many Colognes Should A Man Have? You’d Never Guess…

Let’s cut to the chase: how many colognes should a man have? You don’t really need to read thousands of “blah-blah-blah” words all around, but nothing in a nutshell. So in this article, I’m going to give you the only one correct answer that would fit for all men.

So, the short answer is 3. I think that a man should have at least 3 perfumes (colognes): for the special occasions, for everyday use, and for something in between (like, it’s not his wedding, but it’s not his regular 9-to-5 work as well).

What about 1 perfume? And what about 10 colognes?

Easy! You may have as much fragrance as you want. This isn’t a strict rule “a man have to use 3 colognes only”. Moreover – for my opinion, 3 perfumes is just a minimal requirements. If we are talking about the RELEVANT perfume wardrobe, you need much more. Let me explain and bring some examples:

  1. Perfume for the special occasions – ok, but what exactly this occasion is? Is this a wedding? Is this a graduation? Dad’s retirement? New Year party with friends? Dinner in the 3-stars Michelin restaurant with business partners? Date night? As you may see, there are a lot of occasions in your life and all of them are different.
  2. Cologne for everyday use. Again, it’s perfect. But where is he working at? Lawyer? Designer? Personal coach? IT specialist? Engineer? What is about his everyday routine? Does he works with other people?

Ok, I don’t say that you really need a special cologne for wedding, cologne for business dinners, etc. But you should think about something that would have universal fit as much as it’s possible.

So How many Fragrances Should A Man Have, On Your Opinion?

On my personal opinion, a man should have at least 6 colognes/perfumes – 2 perfumes for every kind of the situations described above. Something for spring/summer, something for cold weather. Something with a moderate longevity and sillage, and something with a strong sillage and longevity.

Can You Name Examples of 3 Perfumes That Every Man Should Have?

If you’re just start with creating your perfume wardrobe, or just looking around the hundreds of fragrances, you’re probably need something you can start with. So here is my personal recommendations:

  1. For the special occasions: look at the classics like Dior Homme, Baldessarini Ambre, or Chanel Egoiste. These colognes perfectly fits almost for all occasion (whether it’s a dating, graduation, party, etc.), season, age, look or personality.
  2. For everyday use: all you need is AXE! Try to look at Lalique Encre Noire, Tom Ford Noir, Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt.
  3. Something in between: Valentino Uomo, Victor&Rolf Spicebomb, Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille, Dolce & Gabbana The One For Men, Tom Ford Tuscan Leather (and Ombre Leather as well).

For now, I think it’s better to give a small reminder instead of regular conclusion: if you’re going to create your perfume wardrobe, don’t use just a “bestseller” colognes. There’s no sence to buy something that won’t differs you from others, and won’t say anything about your personality. In other words, you should make a pick: do you want to smell like thousands of men around, or have something unique and decent? Do you want to buy perfume in one click, and you don’t actually care about notes and accords, or you want to find a jaw-dropping, complementary perfume? Think about it, and I know – you make a right choice!