men's vanilla cologne

Mens Vanilla Cologne: The Best 10 Colognes and Perfumes to Consider Today

Vanilla is one of the common ingredients in fragrances. It’s easily to say which perfumes or colognes doesn’t contain vanilla notes, than which one does. In other words, if you’d like to choose mens vanilla cologne, be sure: you’ll probably find a huge range of “vanilla-centred” scents.

That’s really good, but that’s also should warn you. Why? Because there are also a bunch of poor quality perfumes, which are REALLY smells like cheap air freshener. That’s why I don’t want to create a list of “BEST OF THE BEST 10000 PERFUMES WITH VANILLA!”. Really, this is unacceptable for this website. So let’s get started with the best 10 mens vanilla colognes and perfumes that you’ll probably fall in love.

TL/DR: Here’s a list of mens vanilla perfumes:

  1. Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille;
  2. Franck Boclet Vanille;
  3. Franck Boclet Tobacco;
  4. Ambré Baldessarini;
  5. Maison Margiela Replica By The Fireplace;
  6. Versace Eros;
  7. Un Bois Vanille Serge Lutens;
  8. Valentino Uomo Intense;
  9. Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb;
  10. Zadig & Voltaire – This is Him;

NB: Not all the perfumes with vanilla note in the pyramid really have vanilla scent. No, Givenchy Pi or Fahrenheit is not about vanilla, so we won’t review them here.

1. Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille

Yes, we can’t make this list without mentioning TF. Yes, almost every “best of the best” lists of male perfumes, female colognes, tobacco, vanilla, sexiest, attractive for females and males, rich perfumes… Contains TF Tobacco Vanille. You can call it too mainstream, but as for me – this perfume is a legend and today’s classic. Quick facts:

  1. The main accords are tobacco, vanilla, sweet, powdery, and warm spicy;
  2. Best for winter and fall (however, many people wear it all seasons around);
  3. The most smelling notes are vanilla and tobacco;
  4. Very pricey, but has eternal longevity and enormous sillage;
  5. Very delicious, can be stolen by your gf or wife;

2. Franck Boclet Vanille

If you’re afraid of blind buys, and don’t know for sure which men’s vanilla cologne is your way to go… Then pick Franck Boclet Vanille. You wouldn’t make a bad choice. This is perfect and well-tailored perfume for all occasions and seasons. Quick facts:

  1. Smells similar to Xerjoff Lira ($305 for 100 ml);
  2. Main accords are citrus, vanilla, caramel, woody, spicy;
  3. The most smelling notes are lime zest, vanilla, ginger;
  4. Created specially for vanilla lovers;

3. Franck Boclet Tobacco

Haven’t much to say about this perfume. 99% of user reviews says that this is a TF Tobacco Vanille clone, and I agree with that. However, this is not 1:1 clone – Tobacco by Franck Boclet is far sweeter and gourmanic (thanks to tonka beans), than TF TV. Also, have an outstanding sillage and longevity.

4. Ambré Baldessarini

Warm, cozy, aristocratic and attractive: as for me, this is a scent that separates the men from the boys. Not so many people knows about this perfume (and this is perfect!). If you’re looking for something gorgeous for yourself – don’t miss an opportunity to buy this cologne.

Quick facts:

  1. Main accords: leather, vanilla, amber, woody, fruity;
  2. The most smelling notes: leather, amber, vanilla;
  3. Moderate longevity and sillage (you don’t kill all living things around 50 feet);
  4. Luxurious, mature, mysterious, serious. This is an impressive, nose-catching scent;
  5. Perfectly fits for winter, fall and spring, both for day and night use.

5. Maison Margiela Replica By The Fireplace

Absolute trendsetter of 2021. Why? Because it’s hard (barely impossible) to find a perfume that would smells like a fireplace in the luxurious swiss chalet, somewhere in autumn or winter mountains. Really, it’s hard to compare this cologne with something else, and I bet – By The Fireplace would be in fragrance hall of fame 10-15 years later.

Quick facts:

  1. Main accords: woody, vanilla, balsamic, warm spicy;
  2. The most smelling notes are chestnut, vanilla, guaiac wood;
  3. Don’t look at the accords, notes, blah-blah-blah… It’s just PERFECT;
  4. Very unique, loved by almost everyone;
  5. Perfectly fits for winter and fall, day and night use.

6. Versace Eros

And here we came to the universal cologne. Long-lasting and strong, based cologne for all ages – pretty masculine, very versatile. I can’t say too much about it – you know, Eros like a pair of the most comfortable shoes, you can wear everywhere and don’t pretend to be unique.

Quick facts:

  1. 99% chance that at least one of your friends already have it;
  2. Nothing distinctive, but crowd-pleasant and good for compliments;
  3. All-season fit – decent choice both for winter and summer;
  4. Main accords: vanilla, aromatic, green, fresh spicy;
  5. The most smelling notes are mint, vanilla, cedar and green apple;

7. Un Bois Vanille Serge Lutens

Un Bois Vanille (aka Vanilla Forest) by Serge Lutens is one of my all-time-favorites. Fantastic smoky vanilla, one of the best I’ve tried. I wanted a vanilla note that was sweet and comforting without smelling too gourmanic (like bakery vanilla), and this is it. As said my friends, this is one of the most mature vanilla scent in my collection. However, you should consider a few important points before buying:

  1. This is a total unisex perfume. UBV in NOT a typical manly perfume, and some people may consider it as a women cologne;
  2. Some people says that this cologne smells like coconut and almond;
  3. The most smelling notes are vanilla, coconut, beeswax, wood and musk;
  4. Perfect longevity and sillage;
  5. Perfect for winter and fall.

8. Valentino Uomo Intense

One of the best mens vanilla colognes – outstanding perfomance, incredible notes combination, and very masculine. If I were to recommend just ONE winter/fall scent for someone that isn’t going to get multiple frags this would be Uomo Intense. Very close to Dior Homme Intense, but more well-blended, and less sharp. Quick facts:

  1. Have a great chances to be your signature perfume for cold weather;
  2. Luxurious without being obnoxious;
  3. Your friends would call it sexy, creamy, rich, seductive and sensual;
  4. Main accords are vanilla, iris, powdery, leather, violet;
  5. The most smelling notes are vanilla, iris, and leather.
  6. Incredible perfomance – very long-lasting, strong sillage.

9. Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb

Sweet, well-tailored bubblegum scent. But, instead of adding citruses and salt like Paco Rabanne in Invictus, Viktor and Rolf Spicebomb sprinkled tobacco, cinnamon, vanilla and pepper. The perfect going out at night scent. Quick facts:

  1. Perfect for cold weather;
  2. Main accords: warm spicy, vanilla, tobacco, cinnamon;
  3. The most smelling notes are spices, vanilla, tobacco;
  4. None of the shrill toilet cleaner notes of something like Sauvage, but also not f*ckboy sweet like One Million (c) Beccyb95.

10. Zadig & Voltaire – This is Him

Really nice incense-vanilla fragrance for cold weather. Warm and spicy, but also sweet and cozy, thanks to that wonderful vanilla. I can say that This is Him is in the dark, romantic person-of-mystery category, but at the same time I would describe it as a crowd-pleaser. In other words, it has sophistication and it is definitely pepper and incense forward, covered in warm vanilla, so that it’s pretty tame.

Quick facts:

  1. Main accords: warm spicy, woody, vanilla and amber;
  2. The most smelling notes: powdery vanilla, incense, black pepper and wood;
  3. Decent longevity (up to 6 hrs), moderate-to-strong sillage;
  4. Quite rare, so you don’t find it on the every single person around.


Of course, there are also plenty of good vanilla colognes and perfumes for men, that aren’t covered in this review. I can call at least 5 mens fragrance with vanilla, that weren’t considered here. However, you can always ask me for my personal opinion about any perfumes, and if this list of the best mens vanilla colognes isn’t full – feel free to write in the comment section below!