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5 Best Peach Perfumes to Buy for Spring/Summer

With spring flowers beginning to blossom and summer just around the corner, you may be looking for a perfect new scent to bring on the essence of the warmer weather. With lively energy and subtle sweetness, peachy scents are the perfect update to your perfume collection for spring and summer. 

Whether you are looking for something flirty, spicy and sexy, or citrusy and joyful – the perfect peach perfume can do it all. Choosing a scent is as personal as it gets – and while you might think that peachy scents would be overtly sweet and feminine, they actually have a lot of range and wearability.

Frankly, it was REALLY hard to find peach perfumes that we can review in this article (even harder than find good cinnamon perfumes). I personally didn’t want to add perfumes just for the number, you know – like “TOP-1000 PEACH PERFUMES”. Peachy notes are rare and hard to find fragrances where it has a distinctive smell.

 A great perfume creates a mood, and peach scents will add an element of joyful energy as you move through your day. Scents that inspire visions of romantic picnics in the park, or mouthwatering desserts will keep you coming back day after day. 

We’ve rounded up a list of the best peach perfumes on the market, with options by leading perfumers around the world. With these great choices, you’re bound to find a lovely peach perfume just for you. No matter what your unique style and taste calls for – add an element of unexpected peach perfection with our list of the best peach perfumes you can buy. 

An important editors’ information for readers:

Some of the perfumes have no peach note in the fragrance pyramid and/or accords. Instead, we’ve picked the best peach perfumes with the notes that are extremelly close to the peach scent (for instance, osmanthus).


Most of the peach perfumes in this list are pricey. We didn’t consider perfumes with “peachy” notes for $20-30. Of course, By Killian or Tom Ford are luxury perfumes, but we did it just for the reason to provide a list of the quality fragrance. You are probably don’t want to wear “peach” perfume that smells like cheap air freshener, don’t you?


Bitter Peach by Tom Ford 

Bitter Peach by Tom Ford is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a peach perfume that isn’t overly feminine. Tom Ford’s collection of perfumes are often unisex, and Bitter Beach is no exception. This is a perfect scent for men or women of all ages. 

  1. Main accords: woody, warm spicy, fruity, amber and vanilla;
  2. Longevity and sillage: moderate;
  3. Most smelling notes: peach, blood orange, rum, vetiver and vanilla.

A newer fragrance, Bitter Peach was first released in 2020 and people have continued to find its sexiness irresistible. It’s a bright fragrance that is both sweet, tart, woody, warm, and spicy. Truly one of a kind, this scent is quickly becoming a summer favorite. 

With citrusy top notes of peach, blood orange, cardamom and heliotrope it instantly energizes the senses. The middle notes of rum, cognac, Dayana, and jasmine begin to emerge beautifully after a little wear. It’s rounded out with base notes of patchouli leaf, vanilla, sandalwood, tonka bean, cashmeran, benjoin, styrax, labanum and vetiver. 

Bitter Peach is a truly unique scent, and one of our top choices for peach perfumes. This refreshing and unique scent is perfect for every occasion and truly compliments a variety of styles and tastes. 

Cassili Parfums de Marly 

Rather shockingly, there is actually no peach in Cassili Parfums de Marly, but it oozes a creamy peach scent that you will absolutely love. 

  1. Main accords: floral, fruity, sweet and tropical;
  2. Longevity and sillage: moderate-to-strong;
  3. Most smelling notes: vanilla, floral notes, frangipani.

Floral and delicate, this beautifully feminine fragrance is perfect for spring and summer. It’s both floral and fruity and extremely joyful from the first spray. Wearing this perfume brings to mind secret gardens, and romantic afternoons on the terrace with a bottle of wine. Pair it with your favorite floral sundress and basket purse for a day at the farmers market or a joyful brunch with your girlfriends. 

 With top notes of red, currant, florals, and Bulgarian Rose and middle notes of frangipani, plum, petalia, and mimosa it brings to mind sweet romance. It is anchored with base notes of vanilla, tonka bean, and sandalwood which round out this fragrance nicely. 

If you wondering, does it really have a “peachy” notes, just visit Fragrantica and look at the comments section – almost everyone said that Cassili is all about ripe nectarines!

Good Girl Gone Bad by Kilian

As the name implies, this scent is both innocent and tempting. Like Cassili, it doesn’t actually claim peach as a note, but the essence is undeniably peachy. 

  1. Main accords: white floral, fruity, sweet;
  2. Longevity and sillage: long lasting and strong;
  3. Most smelling notes: osmanthus, tuberose and jasmine.

For women who love to ride the edge between flirty and mischievous, Good Girl Gone Bad is an ideal choice. You’ll love the way it changes from flirty, sweet, and innocent to bold, sexy, and daring. Wear it with your favorite little red dress and some pumps on date night and you’ll be utterly irresistible. 

It’s fruity and floral and perfectly feminine while also remaining clean and natural. This is an excellent option if you’re looking for a peach perfume that isn’t overly strong. It is a perfect light and bright everyday scent. 

Top notes include osmanthus, jasmine, and may rose with middle notes of Indian tuberose and narcissus. The base notes of amber and cedar keep this fragrance from being too sweet. 

Sunshine by Amouage 

Sunshine is a beautiful and complex perfume. It’s both youthful and sophisticated, making it the perfect scent for women of all ages. 

  1. Main accords: white floral, fruity, almond, vanilla;
  2. Longevity and sillage: long lasting and moderate;
  3. Most smelling notes: osmanthus, almond, vanilla, black currant.

Fans of Sunshine love that it is long lasting and wears well. If you’re looking for a signature peachy scent that will stay on your clothes and leave a romantic scent wherever you go – this is it! 

It’s an unexpected perfume, with top notes of almond, black currant, and artemisia. Floraly middle notes of osmanthus, vanilla, magnolia, and jasmine bring the bright feminine energy. Base notes of white tobacco, papyrus, juniper, and patchouli ground this perfume with an unexpected warm woody spice. 

Dolce Vita by Dior 

You’ve likely already heard of Dior’s Dolce Vita as it has somewhat of a cult following – and for good reason! Dolce Vita is both warm and spicy, clean, and fruity – ideal for those looking to embrace the sweet life. 

Perfect for women who are both spicy and sweet, Dolce Vita delights the senses. This is a fragrance that can be worn with ease year round. It’s often described as mouthwatering without smelling overly sweet. While it is discontinued in the United States, it can still be found online from a variety of sellers. 

Top notes of peach, cardamom, lily, grapefruit, bergamot, and rose are balanced with middle notes of cinnamon, apricot, Brazilian rosewood, lily, heliotrope, and magnolia. It sounds complex, but the base notes of vanilla, sandalwood, cedar, and coconut add a sweet earthy simplicity to this elegant perfume. 

Far from being obvious, these peach perfume choices will make unique additions to your perfume collections. Whether you lean towards scents that are gentle or daring, a peach perfume will add a much needed refresh to your scent and style. All of the exquisite perfumes on our list of the best peach perfumes you can buy will add a joyful element to your day each time you put them on. 

You will most likely find yourself reaching for these beauties again and again.